Summer Camps and Summer Training

**COVID 19-Registration is still ongoing as we hope that we will be able to run our programs as per usual. We ask that you reserve your spot at the moment but please note there is no financial commitment with your registration.**

All Day Tennis and Sports Camp


This ATA camp is coordinated by USPTA Pro Jonathan Adamson and our Junior coaching staff at ATA. The camp day will consist of 2 to 3 hrs of on court tennis instruction and games per day. Other activities will include; soccer, ball hockey, touch football, track and field events, as well as a host of cooperative field games. Lunch will occur for an hour around 12pm -1pm and campers are expected to bring their own lunch. Throughout the week we will provide some healthy snacks (watermelon, oranges etc.) as well small freezies. There is also a tuck shop where the children can purchase a drink or a freezie at certain times during the day. Campers will also be asked to bring a bathing suit as we will often take the younger children to the splash pad across the street on very hot days to play in the water and use the park.

Half Day Morning Training

This ATA Training is coordinated by USPTA Pro Jonathan Adamson and our Junior coaching staff at ATA. It consists of two hours of tennis training and games with a break scheduled at around the half-way point of the morning. The first hour of the training will consist of drills that cover the basics of the tennis strokes for; the forehand groundstroke, the back hand groundstroke, the volley, the smash andT the serve. The second hour will consist of a series of fun games and point play to further practice these skills. Participants will be divided into groups based on age and skill level.

Afternoon Teen Training

This training session is intended for pre-teens and teens and will be a fun daily two hours of tennis skills, tennis games and tennis matches. The participants will be divided up according to age and ability and will run through instruction based drills for the first hour each day, followed by rally based game play for the second hour. This is a super popular program the club as participants get a chance to practice on a daily basis for the week. At the conclusion of each week the participants will get a chance to play in an organized tournament of singles and/or doubles.