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About Us

Led by Jonathan Adamson (USPTA PROFESSIONAL), Adamson’s Tennis Academy provides a unique teaching style in all its instructional programs and lessons where the participants learn the game of tennis in a relaxed and supportive environment. By focusing on each individual’s preferred learning style, participants are able to progress quickly.

Adamson’s Tennis Academy runs its instructional programs at the March Tennis Club located at 2500 Campeau drive Kanata Ontario Canada ( We also currently run instructional programs at Crystal Beach Tennis Club and Carp Tennis Club.

Adamson’s Tennis Academy constantly strives to have a greater reach, so that more and more communities have the opportunity to learn and enjoy the life-long sport of tennis. Adamson’s Tennis Academy is looking to have its operations in more communities throughout the city.


Jonathan Adamson – Tennis Director/Head Pro

Jonathan attended Radford University and Virginia Commonwealth University in the United States on scholarships, playing NCAA Division 1 Tennis at both schools. He also attended the University of Victoria where he was a player/coach on their top ranked tennis team.

Jonathan (USPTA PROFESSIONAL) has over twenty years’ teaching experience both nationally and internationally. He initiated many of the youth oriented programs at the March Tennis Club, including the popular Breakfast Club, a program designed for competitive junior players. Along with youth orientated programs, Jonathan’s innovative teaching style has brought a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere in all the adult oriented programs at March Tennis Club including the ever popular Cardio Tennis.

The success of the instructional programs initiated by Jonathan over the years led to the creation of Adamson’s Tennis Academy in 2005. Since then, through Jonathan’s community first approach and philosophy, the staff at Adamson’s Tennis Academy has had the pleasure of reaching out to all members of the community and help bring them the joy of Tennis.

Cole McPhee – Assistant Pro/Head of Camps

Braden Penner – Assistant Pro/Head of Camps

Erin Adamson – All Day Camps Lead Coordinator/Admin


Adamson’s Tennis Academy would like to thank Ted Thompson, Asics and Yonex Canada for their support for all that goes on in the Academy. Their generosity and commitment as enhanced the experience for all participants at the Academy and is a driving force in our efforts to promote community tennis.